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The name's Selina aka Tofu-sama or sakurap online.
I love laughing loudly 8D eheheheh
Any questions feel free to ask (I do like to chat & meet new people) I will answer ANYTHING & EVERYTHING as truthfully as possible, mhmmm!
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So I was talking to my white conservative boss yesterday about racism and ableism in the media.

Me:Okay, Sherry, I'm white, right? I have no bias against white people due to my race. Make sense?
Her:Yeah, okay...
Me:Look at that news headline. Look at what they're saying about why this dude killed those people.
Her:He was mentally ill. I don't see where you're going.
Me:Ok, backtrack. Let's say a Muslim man kills 6 people and injures 13 in a shooting rampage, and leaves a 137 page manifesto explaining that it was because a girl turned him down when he was younger. Why do you think he did it?
Her:He's a terrorist who hates women.
Me:Right. Let's say a black man does the exact same thing. How does the media portray it?
Her:He's a woman-hating gangbanger or a thug...
Me:You're catching on. Now think back to every white boy in the past ten years that has shot up a school or a public place of some sort. What is it always blamed on?
Her:Mental illness...
Me:Exactly. And I would like to point out a couple final things there. First: this guy was going to therapy for years and had no diagnosis of mental illness. The closest we can get is that his family SUSPECTED he might be on the autism spectrum. Sherry, I'm autistic. My brother's autistic. I have several close friends who are autistic. None of us have ever shown a propensity for killing people. Secondly: mental illness doesn't discriminate based on race. You know what does?
Her:Damn. The media is racist as hell, isn't it?
Me:...there ya go.
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Honestly Cosmo, I came out to have a good time and I’m feeling so attacked right now.


Honestly Cosmo, I came out to have a good time and I’m feeling so attacked right now.

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If folks would like to join me in enforcing at PAX Australia down in Melbourne around the end of October, now is the time to submit an application!~ I hear apps are closing soon! Leave an inbox/mail/comment if you’re interested and I’ll even let you use me as a referee (if I know who you are, that is) ^~^

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Unsure of how to confess your love to someone? Try this:

  1. Acquire several dozen limes.
  2. Go up to them and then drop all the limes.
  3. Start picking them up, but keep dropping them. The clumsier you look the better.
  4. Keep doing this until you have their attention (this could take up to thirty minutes).
  5. Finally gather up the limes. Try looking a bit sheepish.
  6. Look them deeply in the eyes and say, “Sorry. I’m bad at Pickup Limes.”
  7. Marry them.
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Anonymous asked: Don't worry, take as much time as you need to feel better, we'll still be here when you get back. Get well soon :)


Thank you, anon. I guess this is a better post than any to announce that I’ll be in a semi-haitus with Tumblr. I might still be lurking around here and there or coming in to post how I feel but other than that, I’ll have my usual queued post at 7:30pm EST. 

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Excuse me, sir, do you know where I could find some enlightenment?


Excuse me, sir, do you know where I could find some enlightenment?

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when you and a friend join a fandom together


This is 100% accurate

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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX and Kingdom Hearts III Teaser (x)

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